Girls Cross Country Rankings #3

October 17, 2002

Note: The Punahou Invitational on 10/12/02 was like a State preview with many outer islands making the trek to Oahu to compete against the OIA and ILH teams at Central Oahu Regional Park, the site of the State tournament.

Punahou continues to dominate the girls team side. Kamehameha has improved mightily and both they and Iolani have their work cut out for them if they hope to catch Punahou. It looks like a race for 2nd. The three ILH teams have pulled away from the rest of the State. King Kekaulike may be a sleeper, as they have not raced the top teams yet except for Iolani way back on September 14th. The League title races for the OIA, Maui and the Big Island all look to be very close; should be exciting.

Individually, Pippa MacDonald had the breakthrough race everyone knew she was capable of, and now the question is if she can do it consistently. Tamarah Binek came over from the Big Island and ran an awesome race leading most of the way only to have Pippa catch her with about 800 meters and then pull away. But, Binek held on for a very strong 2nd place. Tanimoto of Pearl City ran a much smarter, stonger race than two weeks ago for a great 3rd place. Jessica Domingo of Kamehameha has been ill and is just now rounding into top shape. Iolani's Nicole Anderson was sick and did not run this past weekend. It will be very interesting to watch Anderson, Domingo, and MacDonald run against each other this Saturday and in the weeks to come.

Girls Team Rankings #3

#1 Punahou - Placed 3rd overall and 1st Hawaii team at the Kamehameha Invitational (5K). Dominating performance at their own Invitational at two miles. Still the team to beat. Pippa MacDonald had a breakout race at the Punahou Invitational with her victory.

#2 Iolani - Distant 2nd place at Punahou Invitational. Leader Nicole Anderson did not run in the Punahou Invitational, but was 3rd overall and 1st Hawaii finisher at the Kamehameha Invitational. Their next four girls were three seconds apart at Punahou headed by Christi Morrissey (11th).

#3 Kamehameha - Missed 2nd place at the Punahou Invitational by one point. Jessica Domingo (4th) continues to lead this young team and with continued improvement by youngsters, they will challenge for the ILH and State titles.

#4 King Kekaulike - Tough team to predict as they have not run against the top three teams with the exception of the very first meet where they were dominated by Iolani. However, they have been steadily improving and with Baldwin's excellent showing at Punahou this team could be a State contender. Chandrika Bickford continues to lead this team.

#5 Mililani - The top OIA team at the Punahou Invitational. Deane Soon and Michelle Lee (23rd) led their team to a 4th place finish at Punahou. They are now the front runners for what should be a very exciting and close battle for the OIA title.

#6 Hawaii Prep - Another team that has not faced the the top teams. Since the Kamakani's have been edging out Waiakea in Big Island action they get the nod over their rivals. They are led by Mari Okami.

#7 Waiakea - Tamarah Binek had a great race at the Punahou Invitational placing 2nd and leading her team to a very strong 5th place showing. Angela Beck (18th) also fared well and with development of other runners, the Warriors could overtake Hawaii Prep for the BIIF title.

#8 Baldwin - The young Bears keep improving, racing to a 6th place finish at the Punahou Invitational. They have moved closer to King Kekaulike and the race for MIL supremacy should be a good, close one. Sophomore Marie Janiszewski had an excellent race at Punahou finishing 16th overall.

#9 Pearl City - The Chargers placed 7th at the Punahou Invitational and thus have dropped a bit in the rankings. However, they have the front runners in Kari Tanimoto (3rd), and Chimene Sienkiewicz (20th) and the depth to compete for the OIA title.

#10 Radford - Another team with a couple of excellent girls up front in Elizabeth Schall (10th) and Jessie Sur ("off" day at Punahou) which should propel them to contend for the OIA title. They finished 8th at the Punahou Invitational, just 14 points away from Pearl City.

Girls Individual Rankings #3 (grade)

1. Nicole Anderson (10) - Iolani
2. Pippa MacDonald (12) - Punahou
3. Tamarah Binek (11) - Waiakea
4. Kari Tanimoto (11) - Pearl City
5. Jessica Domingo (11) - Kamehameha
6. Laura Melahn (12) - Punahou
7. Rachel White (12) - Punahou
8. Katie Cragie (10) - Punahou
9. Carly Killiam (12) - Punahou
10. Amara Humphrey (10) - Punahou
11. Elizabeth Schall (12) - Radford
12. Christi Morrissey (10) - Iolani
13. Nicole Leong (9) - Iolani
14. Joleen Oshiro (10) - Iolani
15. Megan Chock (9) - Iolani
16. Deanne Soon - Mililani
17. Sheena Thain (12) - McKinley
18. Caitlin MacDonald (12) - Lahainalua
19. Chandrika Bickford (12) - King Kekaulike
20. Nicole Woitovitch (12) - Kalani

also: Shauna Tachibana (11) - Kauai, Sharlene Carillo (12) - Kapaa

Boys Cross Country Rankings #3

October 17, 2002

Note: The Punahou Invitational on 10/12/02 was sort of a State Tournament preview, as many outer island teams joined the ILH and OIA out at Central Oahu Regional Park, the site of the State Championships.

Punahou edged out Radford by one point, but was missing one of their top runners (Satoshi Mitsuda). Radford looks very strong, but Aiea was missing one of their top runners as well (Stephen Meyers). In all, it will be a very close race for the Boys State team title, as these four teams along with HPA will battle it out. Maui, Baldwin, and Iolani also have an outside shot. It may come down to which TEAM can run the best on November 16th. It'll be exciting. The winning team may have over 100 points!

Individually, Ryan Orme had a huge day. He led most of the race only to have Jachowski from Maui catch him with about 1200 meters to go. They battled neck and neck, and then Orme just pulled away the last 400 meters. Great display of speed and guts. Has Kahuku ever had a cross country champion? Orme is the real deal with an excellent time of 16:29 on a slow, tough course.

Boys Cross Country Team Rankings #3

#1 Punahou - The Buff and Blue ran their top JV's in the Varsity race which produced a narrow one point victory over Radford. Owen Martel stepped up to lead his team by finishing 6th at the Punahou Invitational. Previous front runner Brent Nakano finished 11th. They are still the team to beat, barely, for the ILH and State titles. note: Satoshi Mitsuda did not run at Punahou.

#2 Radford - The Rams had a huge day at the Punahou Invitational, almost winning it all. Andrew Maixner (4th) and Jeremy Winters (5th) once again led the team. This team has stepped up big time and are now the OIA favorites and a big contender for the State Championship.

#3 Kamehameha - J.B. Bolson has come around to lead the Warriors with a 1st place local finish at the Kamehameha Invitational and a 3rd place finish at the Punahou Invitational. Despite an "off" day by Sam Wescoatt, they still finished 3rd at the Punahou Invitational, losing by just eleven points. Kamehameha will be a factor for the ILH and state titles.

#4 Hawaii Prep - Hard to drop this team down since they have not raced against Oahu competition, but Radford's big performance has created this situation. Jared Chapman continues to lead his team in dominating BIIF competition. Depth and experience could have the Kamakanis competing for the State title. We will have to wait until the State meet to see how good they really are.

#6 Maui - Nick Jachowski had a big individual battle with Orme of Kahuku and led his team to a 4th place finish at Punahou by placing 2nd overall. They beat out MIL rival Baldwin by twenty points and continue to be the MIL favorites.

#7 Baldwin - The Bears made their 2nd trip to Oahu and did very well by placing 6th overall at Punahou. Kainoa Guerin (14th) and Ian Martin (23rd) continue to lead this experienced squad. They will continue to battle Maui for the MIL title.

#8 Aiea - Combining JV and Varsity runners helped Aiea to a 7th place finish at Punahou. Brett Asato (7th) continues to lead his team with Joshua Mitchell close behind with a big day at Punahou. Aiea will need help from the rest of the team to catch up to Radford for OIA bragging rights. note: Stephen Meyers did not run at Punahou.

#8 Iolani - Another team that is hard to move down the rankings because they did not run in the Punahou Invitational. Placed an excellent 6th at the Serra Invitational in California. The drastic improvement by the above teams is the reason for their drop in rankings.

#9 Kauai - Still waiting to see what this team can do. With four out of their top five returning from last year, they could be quite competitive. Ross Brandeburg is their top returning runner.

Boys Cross Country Individual Rankings #3 (grade)

1. Ryan Orme - Kahuku
2. Nick Jachowski (10) - Maui
3. J.B. Bolson (12) - Kamehameha
4. Patrick Morrissey (12) - Iolani
5. Jared Chapman (12) - Hawaii Prep
6. Andrew Maixner (12) - Radford
7. Jeremy Winters (12) - Radford
8. Ehren Ching (11 )- Mililani
9. Brent Asato (12) - Aiea
10. Owen Martel - Punahou
11. Rei Alzate (10) Farrington
12. Daniel Jachowski - Maui
13. Brent Nakano (11) - Punahou
14. Jeremy Kamakala (9) - Kamehameha
15. Aaron Domingo (9) - Kamehameha
16. Kainoa Guerin (10) - Baldwin
17. Joshua Mitchell - Aiea
18. Chris Castell (12) - Mililani
19. Orrys Williams - PacFive
20. Tyler Tajima (11) - PacFive

also: Meyers (Aiea) and Mitsuda (Punahou)